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Young Thug's GQ Interview Reveals His Gambling Problem ... and His Small Feet

The interview offers an unprecedented look in Thugger's surreal lifestyle.

Photo via GQ

You may have heard of this Young Thug guy by now, but in case you haven't the excellent new GQ profile on the rapper is enough to make you go learn everything you can. In the piece, Devin Friedman methodically dissects all of the weirdest events that transpired during his time with Young Thug, from the company he keeps ("One guy was asleep on a sofa in a pair of sweatpants printed with the trademarks of America's most enticing prescription pharmaceuticals") to the way he conducts himself whenever things don't quite go his way (Thug and his sister almost start "a riot" because a door at the stadium wasn't opened for him). The piece also offers a few tidbits about how Young Thug has the perfect foot size for sample pairs at 8.5, and about the trial of Roscoe, who was accused of shooting up Lil Wayne's tour bus (Thug's former road manager was convicted for the incident). But the piece also reveals that Young Thug may have a bit of a gambling problem, and those around him aren't happy with this careless character trait:

“A lot of times, me and his sisters keep them away,” Be EL Be said. “They come around like, ‘Where Slime at?’ And we're like, ‘No, you had your fun and won your money. Not today.’ Mama Duck hates gambling. It's how she lost her son.” Bennie, the brother Thug saw die on the sidewalk, was killed over a gambling dispute. “But Thug gonna do what Thug gonna do.” He would stay at this table gambling until two the next afternoon.

Read the full interview at GQ.

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