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Wrong Make the Right Kind of Noise Rock in "Turn In"

The new Relapse Records band is made up of former members of Torche and Kylesa, set on making the grittiest rock possible.

Photo via Wrong

Wrong is a Miami based four piece that play the sludgiest, noisy kind of rock. It only makes sense when you realize the band is composed of former members from Torche and Kylesa. The band is set to release their upcoming self-titled record on Relapse this April 29. Today, we're premiering the band's new song "Turn In" which integrates a type of grit and heat born from their love of bands like Unsane and Handsome. But this isn't a band reliant on nostalgia; instead taking a foundation and building a track way heavier and charged up with their own leanings and taste. The track is quick, eager to move back and forth between breakneck speeds and slowed down refrains before charging into a sick solo. The band puts in everything you would hope for in a rock band bent on tone and grit, and it all pays out in spades.

You can listen to "Turn In" Below, and pre-order their new record right here.