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Watch Childish Gambino Harass a Crush with Dance Moves in the Video for "Sober"

From tentacle porn to Coyote Ugly impressions, Donald Glover's videos just get weirder and weirder.

Donald Glover is in the middle of telling a story with the visuals he's released off his sophomore project Because the Internet. It's not clear what the theme or overall narrative of this story is, but it seems to revolve around love, loneliness, and tentacle monsters. First there was the solitary jubilance of riding a ferris wheel with your stuffed animal in "3005", which was followed by the attack of the clones in "Sweatpants", and then most recent vacation from hell with Jhene Aiko in "Telegraph Ave (Oakland)." Now, Childish Gambino follows up with a video for "Sober" in which he tries to convince a lucky lady to go out with him by going full Coyote Ugly on her.

The video appears to take place right after the occurrences at the end of "Telegraph Ave," with Glover looking visibly bruised and out of it, likely as a result from recently developing an avalanche of purple tentacle where one half of his body used to be. The video doesn't do much to explain why Glover became a tentacle monster or where he learned to dance like a young Channing Tatum, but there's a dove in it. Doves are dope.