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Expert Alterations Are Leading the Baltimore Pop Pack

The trio's debut tape (now into it's third pressing) is to soon see a proper release through Slumberland records.

Image: Megan Lloyd

Expert Alterations are from Baltimore but listening to “A Bell”, a track taken from their debut cassette, you could be mistaken for thinking that the trio hailed from Dunedin, Christchurch or Liverpool rather than Charm City.

A UK and NZ indie pop sound hangs heavy over the tape which is now into it’s third pressing and will soon be getting a proper release through Slumberland records.


Beginning with a slowly strummed jangle, "A Bell" fires up to a buzzy jig and mid way through even drops a bass solo which will have mop tops from Maryland to Merseyside bobbing their heads.

Drummer Paul Krolian answered some questions about the band and the release.

Noisey: It's obvious that you are fans of UK and NZ pop. You just supported the Buzzcocks but of all the bands past and present who would you like to support the most?
Paul Krolian: We would really like to support The Fall. Not open for them per se, but being future ex-Fall members has always been a dream of ours. But yes, we do love UK and NZ pop, we were lucky enough to be asked to support The Clean during their US tour last year. The Clean are the best band, hands down.

What do you think of the current state of UK pop?
Great things are always coming out of the UK. We’re all very excited about what Sean at Fortuna Pop has been putting out over the past couple of years. He’s released fantastic records by a handful of bands featuring some really strong ladies that we’re all really into like Flowers, Joanna Gruesome, and Evans The Death. We’re also all fans of James Hoare’s bands like Veronica Falls, Ultimate Painting and The Proper Ornaments. We’re hoping to make it over there soon enough.

Your cassette is now into it's third pressing. Have you been surprised by the response?
Quite surprised. We gave a friend 100 dollars to record five songs on his tape machine, not expecting it would amount to much more than a self-released cassette. We all definitely stand behind the songs and are thrilled Slumberland is on board to give it a proper release in June. We’re all massive fans of Slumberland Record’s past and present.

How do you differentiate between Expert Alterations and Alan's other band Wildhoney?
Expert Alterations is minimalist whereas Wildhoney is maximalist. They are both indie pop bands.

Catch Expert Alterations May 30 at the Knitting Factory as part of NYC Popfest.