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The Video for "For You" by Gavin James Is a Tale of Gritty Teen Life

Lust, cheating, heartbreak, alcoholism, and family ties.

Here are some factoids about Gavin James.

1. He's 22 and he's from a suburb outside Dublin.

2. He's pretty much got the most British sounding name ever.

3. Music is in his family tree: his great grandparents were famous opera singers in the 1920s.

4. But then again the postal service is also in his family tree: his dad's a mail man.

5. His cover of The Magnetic Fields' "Book of Love" was a smash to the tune of nearly a million plays on YouTube.

4. He makes music that'll tug on your sappier side, a soulful singer-songwriter sure to make you feel less alone when you're down in the dumps, and your mom will probably like him too. But what we really like about this video is the juxtaposition between his music and what's going on onscreen. It's like Damien Rice's "The Blowers Daughter" which, when listened to on its own is almost insufferably sob-some. "Can't take my eyes off of you," he bleats beautifully over a cello, but for many that song is totally synonymous with the Mike Nichols-directed movie, Closer, where unspeakably selfish people do fantastically fucked up things to each other because they're driven by ego, jealousy, and sexual desire. Suddenly "The Blower's Daughter" sounds a lot more hard-hitting.

So it is with Gavin James' video for "For You." Directed by Brendon Canty, the story plays out against the grey concrete grit of a British council estate (the UK equivalent of the projects), where a teenage girl deals with her alcoholic mother, while she herself experiences the first throws of teen love, and what's its like to get your heart squashed. And yes, it's also a reminder that family ties truly bind.

"For You" is lifted from his forthcoming EP which will be released via Good Soldier Songs / Capitol Records.