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PREMIERE: Sea Cycles' New Song "Commando" Throws Synthpop Back in Time

Much harder than nostalgia.

Do you ever think about what would happen if you took a time machine back into the 60s or 70s and started a band then with all the music knowledge you have now? It would probably be nuts, or you'd be a total pariah. Maybe you'd try to be the American Beatles by outright copying Nirvana or whatever, or just play some straight up noise in front of your parents. But it also makes you think, imagine if someone like Syd Barrett fucked around with modern day synthpop. That's kind of what Sea Cycles sounds like. Sea Cycles is a group from Jacksonville, FL that plays a mix of synthy ambient indie. Their song "Commando" is the sonic equivalent of gradually falling into a warm slipstream back in time. The song begins with some spacey guitars that ripple and twist, and as the song expands, it brings in elements of psych-rock, but not in a way that will feel convoluted. Sea Cycles make every sound and buzz in their music expand and explicate into a well-built journey of pleasure.


Check out the track below, and look out for their album Ground & Air when it drops June 9 on Other People Records.