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Watch the Stream of Consciousness Video for That Work's "Like a Dream"

The NYC duo do have heads, we've just never seen them…

That Work—Harry McNally and Kosuke Kasza (great name)—have been making music for a couple years now. We last gave them some love circa this surreal, sexy, and strange video for "Act Like You Know." It was very much on an 80s electro-funk tip. Where that tune was measured and kinda languorous, new song "Like a Dream"—the video for which is premiering above—finds the duo upping the BPM. Those 80s synths are still in full effect, but this is the deal: If you like LCD Soundsystem, Delta 5, Quando Quango, Konk, and Chromeo (stopping there, because you get the picture), then you'll be down on the floor for That Work. All of which makes sense, seeing as the duo spin bi-monthly at Le Bain at The Standard in NYC.

Adopt the girl chant refrain of "BE AGGRESSIVE" as your mantra for getting through the day, but definitely make sure your aggression is appropriately channeled. Like, don't barge your way onto a bus, train, or subway until the people who are trying to disembark actually disembark. Did your mama teach you no manners?

But back to "Like a Dream." The video was contains a little bit of stock footage, but mostly what's stitched together by McNally, was shot by McNally. It's a treasure trove of visuals that spans 10 years shot on various cameras: "point and shoot cameras, security cameras, different generations of Blackberries and iPhones, as well as some DSLR footage—none of which was shot with the intention of being used in this music video."

McNally continues: "I’ve been documenting my life and the people in it through the years with photography and video… my intention was to edit the material as a collage—to effect a stream of consciousness feeling." Mission accomplished.