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The Best-Dressed Acts of Pitchfork Music Festival

No basic zone.

When it comes to street style, Pitchfork is the least offensive of festivals. Underbutt and fashion blog famewhores are rarities and, in my nine years of attending the festival, I've yet to see an idiot who still somehow doesn't get that it's not OK to accessorize with a Native American headdress. It's pretty much the opposite of Coachella: intimate, chill, and low-key. Because of that, artists are usually at their most casual and you get to see their true style shine more than you would at one of the bigger festivals. So we sent photographer Ellie Pritts to capture Pitchfork's best-dressed acts. She came back with a mix of portraits and live shots of Danny Brown, Kendrick Lamar, Giorgio Moroder, SZA, Hudson Mohawke, the Range, and more.


The world is pretty stocked up on wacky dye jobs right now but of course Danny Brown has managed to invent his own: a green-tipped take on his asymmetrical frizz. Still I can't decide which is more impressive: his hair or the courage that wearing all black leather in the middle of July takes.

OG disco legend Giorgio Moroder could have just given up on his appearance, shown up to the festival in an unironic normcore look, and played his Donna Summer hits and no one would have noticed. But, even in his 70s, dude is still flexing in a pair of aviators.

Hudson Mohawke gives a lesson in wearing white jeans to a festival: don't sit and don't pair them with anything that's not a quirky t-shirt that could pass as art if framed.

You thought nothing good would ever come out of putting a bird on it–until you saw SZA's shirt. Extra points for bringing back jellies.

This isn't something that you should try at home but Zachary Cole Smith's ability to make a leather baseball cap, a paisley shirt, and Larry David khakis work is worthy of respect.

Less is more according to Devon Welsh and Matthew Otto.

Beck's Hawaiian shirt not to be upstaged by Beck's hat.

What came first: Rachel Goswell's dress or her tambourine? I like that I can't really tell if her dress is meant to accessorize her tambourine or vice-versa.

ScHoolboy Q really wants you to know that he's not a one-trick accessorizer. Q obviously wore a bucket hat to his Pitchfork set but he also wore a graphic t-shirt that read "It's gotta be da shoes." His sneakers warranted the hype.


Merril Garbus' music comes across in her personal style in the best way possible: it's bright, splashy, full of textures, and above all fun.

Sadie Dupuis looks like she got dressed for the first day of school which is a pretty spot-on look to be wearing while making her Pitchfork Festival debut.

Kendrick Lamar's style is usually understated but he switched things up at Pitchfork and tried out a floral brocade snapback–a nod to the artwork for his labelmate SZA's Z EP?

James Hinton might have won "best footwear for trekking across baseball diamonds" this weekend.

Marissa is currently googling where to buy SZA's jellies. She's on Twitter - @marissagmuller.


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