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Premiere: Paula - "Black Acura"

Whether it's Kraftwerk robotically crooning about having fun on the autobahn, Gary Numan singing about almost getting his ass kicked while stuck in traffic on Cars, or Model 500's 1985 classic Night Drive whose lyrics about driving a black on black Porsche was basically a fuck you to the American car industry that had screwed Detroit, synth music has always had a strange connection with the automotive industry. Enter the video for "Black Acura" a track by Montreal's Paula (aka David Carriere) whose album Relaxed Fit came out digitally on Arbutus Records last year but is now seeing a 12" re-release on Drag City vinyl imprint Ethereal Sequences. The video — a low-budget and gritty mish mash of Youtube car promos, shitty effects and loopy fish-eye lens footage of a shirtless Carriere messing about—is directed by Jasper Baydala and is the perfect accompaniment to the music, raw and dark but poppy with a twinge of humour.