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Here is the Exclusive Premiere of Watsky's New Single "Hey, Asshole," Featuring Kate Nash

Listen to "Hey, Asshole," Watsky's new single featuring our secret redheaded British megacrush Kate Nash.

We don't normally pay too much attention to slam poetry, joke rap, or comedy, but we do pay some serious attention to the Internet. That's where we first found George Watsky, AKA Watsky: Off the strength of his 2011 viral vid "Pale Kid Raps Fast," where he basically annihilated half the rap game through sheer nerdiness and technical prowess.

Today he's dropping his new single, "Hey, Asshole," which features our secret redheaded British megacrush Kate Nash. If you like it, you can pick it up right here. Watsky is headed out on a massive tour on March 8. You can check his full tour schedule here.