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This Guy Plays the Eiffel Tower

And you thought the upright bass was cumbersome.

Joseph Bertolozzi wants to play the Eiffel Tower like a drum, and the world is okay with it, because he's done it before. In 2004, the 62-year-old composer from New York set out to start a musical project that would allow him to record and write music out of playing Mid-Hudson Bridge. Bertolozzi went out with a team of sound engineers to record various types of noises that the bridge made when he hit it with mallets, blocks of wood, and hammers. Five years later, he released Bridge Music, which actually broke through to number 18 on the Billboard Classical Crossover Music Chart. You can check out the first composition off of Bridge Music, called "Bridge Funk," here.


Now, four years later, he's back to do the same thing with the Eiffel Tower. The project, cleverly named Tower Music, will only cost him $80,000 and probably only take a few years to make, but it will all be totally worth it for some sick tower jams (and also the historical significance or whatever). If you still don't really understand what or why this is happening, hear Bertolozzi explain the project for himself: