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Danish The Mountains' New Track "Changes" is an Upbeat Wake-Up Call

The giddy, Danish pop trio just dropped their second EP - and guess what? Change starts with you, pal.

With an orange xenophobe running for the White House, refugees drowning in the Mediterranean and the world's oceans rapidly dying and turning against us thanks to climate change, The Mountains are asking the question on everybody's paranoid mind: What the fuck is going on?

It's a tough question to answer, but there is no doubt in lead singer Michael Møller's mind that we're going in the wrong direction. That is why the energetic second installment in the Danish pop trio's EP trilogi is aptly named Changes. The lyrics revolve around the desire for a new world, fused with the piercing doubt and guilty conscience that saturates life in the wealthy Western world.


In the face of all of the madness and debauchery, the unscathed giddiness of the EP's catchy title track, "Changes", succeeds in rekindling a flicker of encouragement in our hearts. Something is most definitely rotten in this world, but we can fix it. We need to fix it. And guess what? Change starts with you, pal. Maybe use actual words and a smile next time some charity-peddling facer comes at you downtown, instead of just a menacing hiss while hiding inside your headphones.

Strap on your happy hat and check out "Changes" below:

You can catch The Mountains live in October of this year, @Vega in Copenhagen the 7th, and the 8th @ Voxhall in Århus.

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