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Legendary Rap Producer Just Blaze Has Teased Loads of Unreleased Tracks From Kanye, Jay Z, and Dipset

His Twitter and Instagram are a rap geek feeding frenzy right now.

Each time your favourite artist puts an album out, the release is usually preceeded with a news story where they say something like, "We recorded between 20-30 songs for this album". The thing is, though, unless it's one of those 3 CD bootleg collections of the Beach Boys singles and offcuts, no album really lasts more than 20 songs. So what happens to all those tracks that don't make the cut? Unless the artist in question passes (god rest their soul) and the record label needs to make some money (real talk), these tracks rarely see the light of day. Instead, they're locked away in "The Vault". Outside of a small inner-circle, they're never heard again.


The metaphorical "Vault" is a legendary omnipresent place and its insides are bountiful. Jay Electronica's debut album?! That's in there. All those Jai Paul tracks? They're in there too. It's kinda stressful to think about, but there are probably hundreds, if not thousands, of Kanye West demos stored in its hallowed hallways. Sometimes it's because the tracks suck, plain and simple. But often times it's because samples can't be cleared or contracts can't be worked out, and these tracks get banished forever.

We'll never truly get inside "The Vault", but this morning legendary hip-hop producer Just Blaze let us peer through the cracks. "Digging in the server for random demos and ideas we didn't finish. Soon you'll understand", he tweeted this morning, alongside a short video of him scrolling past folders called "JAY ELECTRONICA", "MISSY ELLIOT SESSIONS", "KANYE WEST FILES" and, ummm, ""LENNY KRAVITZ SESSIONS". He then went on to share a bunch of clips from unreleased demos, including the original conclusion to Kanye West's "Touch The Sky" (featuring a then unknown Robert Glasper), a Jay Z verse, and news that TI's "Live Your Life" and Eminem's "Cold Wind Blows" were the same song. Listen to the clips below:

**UPDATE: Just Blaze has since deleted all the clips from Instagram aside from one posted to Twitter below.**

Early this morning (black album version)

— Just Blaze (@JustBlaze)

December 9, 2015

@NoiseyMusic was for the night owls only! Rest of the world will have to wait and see..

— Just Blaze (@JustBlaze) December 9, 2015