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Adele's Grammys Performance Messed Up, but She Powered Through, Tweeted "Shit Happens", and Went to In-N-Out Burger

Adele, we salute you.

Sometimes, shit happens. It's true of life, love, and Adele's performance at the Grammy's last night.

She took to the stage to perform her 25 track "All I Ask", but the sound fucked up after the mic inside the piano dislodged and made a horrible jarring sound on each beat, like Bez was taking a nap inside with his maracas and the pianist was kicking him routinely.

The piano mics fell on to the piano strings, that's what the guitar sound was. It made it sound out of tune. Shit happens. X

— Adele (@Adele) February 16, 2016


Still, when you watch it, you'll see that it didn't stop Adele from through regardless like the godhead of artistic professionalism. Because – and I'm not sure if you know this about Adele, but – Adele is amazing. There is absolutely nothing that will ever stop Adele from smashing it, and the dislodged mic was a fool for even trying. She is the true human embodiment of "Keep Calm and Carry On". A constant reminder that even world record-breaking artists drink too much wine on a weeknight and accidentally make an arse of themselves in a restaurant sometimes. When pop stars like Beyonce and Taylor Swift seem almost too polished, robo-humans incapable of making simple mistakes, Adele is out here keeping it real, spilling tea on her new designer coat and tweeting "shit happens" after a live performance infront of millions didn't quite go as planned.

Exhibit Z: after the Grammy's, she tweeted that because of the performance fuck up she treated herself to an In-N-Out burger to compensate. Adele, we salute you.

Because of it though… I'm treating myself to an in n out. So maybe it was worth it.

— Adele (@Adele) February 16, 2016

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