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No Joy Give Their Friend Adam The Best Wedding Gift Ever With "XO (Adam's Getting Married)"

If only all of us had friends like these.

Photo by Nick Marshall No Joy make beautifully tumultuous sounding music. It's been a year since they released their third record, More Faithful, but the shoegaze band from Montreal are back. No Joy teamed up with Holy Fuck on new song “XO (Adam’s Getting Married)." It will appear on their first new EP, Drool Sucker, in a series that is getting gradually released. The song feels simultaneously familiar—anchored, slow build-up to frenetic guitar riffs—as well as fresh and new. It is a bit of a departure from No Joy’s usual approach. Jasamine White-Gluz purposefully buries her vocals to make the lyrics more mysterious but, on this, they are featured more prominently and mesmerizing. Drool Sucker will be out July 15 via Topshelf.


"We had just got back from our tour with DIIV and I was trying to readjust to normal life," said Jasamine White-Gluz. "I was in a bubble bath when the melody just suddenly popped into my head. It was one of those times where the song seemed to write itself. I was coping with a lot of frustration professionally and felt very exhausted by the music industry in general at that time, so it's like once I was finally able to relax and be apart from touring for a bit, the song manifested itself. When I brought it to the band we also learned that our friend Adam was engaged and Garland (our drummer) yelled out 'Adam's Getting Married!' as a count-in while we were playing it… so that's where the title came up." Get lost in the wall of noise and listen below:

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