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Premiere: Drezus and Rich Kidd Find "Paradise"

Check out the new song inspired by our documentary about Indigenous hip-hop in Canada.

Photo by Jessica Ford

The Indigenous hip-hop movement in places like Regina and Winnipeg reflects a unique type of struggle. We sent Rich Kidd on a quest in our new documentary First Out Here to find out what sort of issues are being reflected in the music and paired him up with veteran rapper Drezus to help guide him through the city and meet the people. In the midst of learning about new cultures, Rich and Drezus found a musical connection, leading to the recording of this new song "Paradise." Mixed by Toronto's David Strickland, who is also featured in the documentary, the track sees both veteran rappers going back and forth over top a dripping slow beat by Rich Kidd, who gets his melody on in the chorus.

Listen to the track below and check out out the First Out Here documentary now.

Slava Pastuk is the Editor of Noisey Canada. Follow him on Twitter.