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Playlist: The Gold Coast

Listen to some Gold Coast and Brisbane sounds that veer towards the more raucous side of rock and roll.
February 15, 2016, 3:34am

Image: Tempura Nights (supplied)

Noisey is pairing with JD Future Legends to present NEXT ON TOUR, a series of free summer gigs held throughout Australia.

The tour heads to the Gold Coast on Thursday Feb 18 when Brisbane’s Tempura Nights team up with local garage bruisers White Lodge and Draggs to take over Elsewhere for a night of raucous rock and roll.

Entry is free but you need to RSVP now.

To get you psyched for the show we’ve put together a mix-tape of Gold Coast and Brisbane bands that veer towards the scuzzy and bloodied knee side of loud but melodic rock.


The NEXT ON TOUR Gold Coast Mix:

Tempura Nights – “Brainroof”
White Lodge – “Trippin’ on the Vanilla Trail”
Donny Love – “In the Baby’s Eyes”
The Good Sports – “Midnight Drive”
Sex Drive – “Australien”
Goon Sax – “Sometimes Accidentally”
Killer Trunk Hunks – “Pericarp”
Unpeople – “Rabid”

This article is presented in partnership with JD Future Legends.

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