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Coffins Inflict 'Perpetual Penance" with This Massive Rarities Compiliation

Listen to sixteen rare tracks from the Japanese death/doom menace.

Photo by Mattias Westfalk

The four gents behind Tokyo's Coffins are masters of their craft—they frequently out-Autopsy Autopsy without resorting to mere copycatting—and are also so enamored of their own fetid death/doom that they keep making more, and more, and more of it. 2015 has already borne witness to two split releases—one with Unholy Grave, one with Butcher ABC—and as of today, a mammoth compilation is now available on CD and digitally from Horror Pain Gore Death Productions, a Philly-based label with good taste in the ugly shit.


Christened Perpetual Penance, the comp rounds up live rarities, demos, and errant material from the band's numerous split releases and packages them all together into one tidy two-disc set, crowned with artwork by vocalist (and noted sunglasses enthusiast) Uchino.

Listen to the whole bloody thing on HPGD's Bandcamp page, and cross your fingers for a Coffins/Winter split (a girl can dream, right?).


Disc 1

1. Hellbringer (Demo version from Colossal Hole EP)

2. No Saviour (Demo version from Colossal Hole EP)

3. Colossal Hole (Demo version from Colossal Hole EP)

4. Drowned In Revelation (from split with Noothgrush)

5. The Wretched Path (from split with Noothgrush)

6. Reborn (from Reborn flexi)

7. Grotesque Messiah (Extended version from split with Macabra)

8. Axes Of Vengeance (from split with Sourvein)

Disc 2

9. Till Dawn Of The Doomsday (from split with Warhammer)

10. Grotesque Messiah (from split with Disgrace)

11. In Bloody Sewage (from split with Hooded Menace)

12. The Fog Of Burning Flesh (from split with Stormcrow)

13. Slaughter Of Gods '09 (from split with Stormcrow)

14. Till Dawn Of The Doomsday/Grotesque Messiah (Live version from Live In Japan EP)

15. In Bloody Sewage (Live version from Live In Japan EP)

16. Here Comes Perdition/Under The Stench/Slaughter Of Gods (unreleased track Live in Czech Republic) Kim Kelly is slow-mo headbanging to this album at her desk. She's on Twitter: @grimkim