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Stream Digital Leather’s New Album ‘All Faded’

Shawn Foree returns with a new lineup and a new record of blitzed synth punk.
June 17, 2015, 2:08am

You could say that Digital Leather are going through a new phase.

For most of the early 2000s, Shawn Foree spent time in Arizona writing and recording synthy punk in his bedroom on a thrift store keyboard and guitar. He played in early incarnations of Destruction Unit and Lost Sound with Jay Reatard, but Digital Leather for the most part was a solo affair with help from friends.

But now Digital Leather is a full band. A band based in Omaha, Nebraska and one that has a new album called All Faded.


One of Foree’s new band mates is Todd Fink, from long running Omaha band the Faint, who adds an extra depth on All Faded’s dark synth sound. Foree likens him to a aunthetic taco compared to a Taco Bell taco.

We sent Shawn some questions to find out more about the new three synth pronged Digital Leather.

Noisey: Is “Moron Embrace” an anti drug song or an anti moron song?
Shawn Foree: Neither. You can't really hate morons if you want to be a musician. The world is full of obstacles. It's no use creating new ones for yourself. Unless you're bored. I'm never bored, but I do get lonely sometimes. I think that's what the song is really about. Good songs are about loneliness.

Synth punk has really kicked on in the last few years but you have been doing it for a while. Is it funny watching this resurgence or do you think these things work in cycles?
Everything works in cycles. Music trends change a lot and synth music weaves in and out of the underground scene erratically. Really though, the synth is the instrument to have if you want to bust heads. They scare old-minded people and that's good. We use three synths in Digital Leather and I wouldn't be afraid to add a fourth. We're not going to stop.

What’s it like working with Todd Fink?
Todd is a wizard from the future. He produced the record and gave it the burnt sound it has. We eat a lot of tacos together. Todd is like an authentic taco versus a Taco Bell taco. Both have their place, but one is just a consumer product in the end and you're going to feel guilty and gross for eating it. You can trust a real taco to deliver what you're looking for in a lunch. Not that I would eat Todd.


Is it good to be in a band again?
Digital Leather has had plenty of alumni. And they've all been great, and most remain good friends of mine. But this band worked on All Faded together. We're a sweaty machine. Between Ben (VanHoolandt) making laser gun sounds on his Moog and Jeff (Lambelet) spitting on the audience from behind his drums, I think we've got a good thing going. We've been together a few years now. Our bond is pretty tight.

‘All Faded’ is available June 23 on FDH Records.

Catch Digital Leather on stage:
June 27 – Omaha at Olelavers
July 16 – Indianapolis at Old National Centre
July 17 – St Louis at the Ready Room

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