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San Francisco's Finest The Jealous Guys Premiere Their Video for "Super Live"

The track comes from their project 'Wake Yo Game Up 2 This Conscious Playa Shit,' which is out now.

Photo by Rasta Dave

San Francisco’s The Jealous Guys return with a video for the first single off their new album, Wake Yo Game Up 2 This Conscious Playa Shit, in “Super Live” featuring YSMG RAYM.

Accompanied by local SF car club’s City Boyz Muscle, Fox Body Movement, and the Guns Down Bikes Up Dirt Bike Club, Casa and Tymba get right to it spinning donuts at the ride out (San Francisco’s version of a sideshow) outside Candlestick Park before the 49ers faithful head over to the “Building That Barry Built” aka AT&T Park to keep it super live in the parking lot.

Having grown up through Frisco’s late 90s era Mob Music—naming The Stylistics, Marvin Gaye, Outkast, Nas, The Clipse, and Bay Area rap legends E-40, The Jacka, Cellski, and San Quinn as their influences—TJG have mastered the fine line between intellect and ignorance with a sound they call “conscious playa shit.” Being witness to the gentrification of San Francisco with a black population that continues to plummet, all in the midst of the cities ongoing housing crisis, the murder of Mario Woods, the resignation of Police Chief Greg Suhr, and the Frisco5 hunger strike, TJG have created an album that serves as the soundtrack to a revolution.

The clip was directed by Charlie and Grease of INDICA FILMS, produced by Hidden Faces. The Jealous Guys project Wake Yo Game Up 2 This Conscious Playa Shit is out now.

Watch "Super Live” below.