This story is over 5 years old.

Second Sight Returns With More Dark and Ominous Synths and Drum Machines

The Adelaide producer and musician gets colder and darker on his latest track 'Exit Toorong'.

Noah Reynolds and his retrofuture synthwave solo project Second Sight has returned with the track “Exit Toorong”.

We’re not sure where Toorong is, or even if it exists, but after listening to the track we’d warn against taking the exit and just keep on the highway until the next town. It sounds like some weird and dark shit goes on in Toorong.

Following a tape on Spanish label Burkas For Everyone, the Adelaide producer and musician dropped the new track on Soundcloud over the weekend and it brings more ominous synthesisers and drum machines, to the cellar, basement, cave or wherever this music gets played.

The story goes that Reynolds began performing as Second Sight in 2013 after his friend hi-jacked the stereo at a house party and started playing “Los Niños Del Parque” by Liaisons Dangereuses. From there Reynolds spun into the world of Cabaret Voltaire, Daf and Chrome. A world of coldness.