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O'Doyle Rules and So Does This Cover of the Billy Madison Song by Krill

You can't break a spirit and you can't kill a dream, do you have any more gum?
February 27, 2015, 4:25pm

Krilly Madison

It’s easy to get sucked into the brainless stupidity of internet-speak. It’s a viral world where everything is “literally perfect” and is your “spirit animal” and is “the most amazeballs thing ever,” especially when it comes to the pre-teen nostalgia (that only 90s kids will get!). But there really is no other way to describe Krill’s cover of the victory song from Billy Madison. It has all of the necessary components of successful internetting—a cool band putting an indie-ish twist on a song we all know the words to from our youth. It is everything, it is literally perfect, and OMG we srsly cannot even right now.

The Boston three-piece’s cover of the song from the 1995 Adam Sandler classic comes off Father/Daugher Records’ second release in their Faux Real series. Other highlights from it include Chumped doing a cover Sex Bob-Bomb’s song from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World that would still rip regardless of movie-tie ins, LVL UP’s cover of “Somebody Kill Me Please” from that uh, lesser Adam Sandler movie (which you can listen to at the bottom), and Small Wonder doing “Margerine” from The Simpsons which, SORRY, BRO, is post-golden era Simpsons and we refuse to acknowledge it. Seasons one through ten or GTFO. There's lots more wonderful 90s nostalgia on it—a cover of “Killer Tofu” from Doug, a song from The Adventures of Pete & Pete, and some other good stuff. Listen to Krill’s Billy Madison cover below, which we have dubbed Krilly Madison. We will trade you this Snack Pack for it. And Faux Real II is out on April 28 and will be limited to an insanely small number of copies and won't be available digitally or repressed. Order it here. Or pick one up in person at the release show in Brooklyn. It is one… piece… of ace. Trust us. We know from experience.

And here is the LVL UP/Wedding Singer jam:


Chumped - “Threshold” (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World)
Krill - “Billy Madison Victory Song” (Billy Madison)
Quarterbacks - “You Painted My World” (The Adventures of Pete & Pete)
Running In The Fog - “Killer Tofu” (Doug)
Allison Crutchfield (of Swearin’) - “Special To Me (Phoenix Audition Song)” (Phantom of the Paradise)
LVL UP - “Somebody Kill Me Please” (The Wedding Singer)
Sharpless - “Franz Kafka” (Home Movies)
Rivergazer - “Fever Dog” (Almost Famous)
Paint Sepsi - “I Must Be In Love” (The Rutles)
1Small Wonder - “Margerine” (The Simpsons)