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Surrender to Your Doom With Fórn's Funereal Opus, 'The Departure of Consciousness'

Listen to the Boston doom upstarts' crushing new album.

Boston-based five-piece Fórn's debut album, The Departure of Consciousness, is one of the heaviest things you'll hear all year—guaranteed. Their mastery of tension and tone sets them apart from so many other young funeral-minded doom outfits, and they just keep getting better. For an easy reference point, think of Asunder as their West Coast soulmates, and Burning Witch as their hallowed idols. It's incredibly evocative, arresting music, drenched in feedback and relentlessly driven; its power lies equally in the calm and in the storm, in its glacial pace and blackened bombast.


The record was originally released on vinyl by Vendetta Records, and as of March 24, will be available digitally and on limited CD by Gilead Media (graced with artwork by Bryan Proteau of Natvres Mortes Illustration).

We're streaming the album right here, so settle in and prepare to be crushed.

The Departure of Consciousness is out 3/24 via Gilead Media.

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