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Don't Drown in Your Emo: Here's Fickle Friends' Video for "SWIM"

The Brighton's happy-sad smash—which hit number one on Hype Machine—now has a shiny video in a disused pool.

A couple of years ago this Brighton troupe put "Swim" online and it zipped straight up to number one on Hype Machine. It's easy to see why: the song is a sparkling slab of indie-pop like Ellie Goulding fronting Phoenix. Since then they've hardly been idle. Ready for some impressive stats? The quintet played 26 festivals in 2014 and 31 festivals in 2015. And that's not even including solo dates. More recently they blitzed SXSW and have been busy working on their debut album. But in the meantime they also finally shot the video for their biggest hit to date. Below is the premiere of the video for "Swim" which features a bunch of kids getting dragged around by their limbs and Fickle Friends performing in a disused pool.


The band had this to say about the whole shebang: "It's crazy to think we threw this song online two years ago, and for it to have had such a warm and overwhelming reception (particularly as our first offering as a band). Feels like we've come full circle and it's such a natural way to reintroduce ourselves now that we're a little older (and wiser?) and musically developed.

"For those that don't know, 'SWIM' is about feeling like you're drowning in your partners emotional baggage… and remembering when things were a little more simple. I have a tendency to get over nostalgic and 'SWIM' is exactly that. The video is kind of a metaphorical reflection of the complexity of relationships.”