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We Try to Make Sense of AC/DC Drummer Phil Rudd’s Arrest By Listening to His Solo Album

The album, like the situation the drummer finds himself in, is not pretty.

Yesterday AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd was charged with trying to procure the murder of two men in New Zealand. For laymen or AC/DC fans that means he tried to organise a hit on some dudes.

Appearing in Tauranga District Court, the 60-year-old Australian musician who has lived in New Zealand since the 1980s and owns the restaurant Phil's Place, was also charged with threatening to kill, and possession of speed and weed.


Earlier this year Rudd released a solo album called Head Job. It’s not very good. Featuring a guy called Badger doing his best Lemmy vocal impression and Rudd’s plodding drumming, it’s 11 tracks of pure mediocrity made for and by pony-tailed 60 year olds.

Still we hoped to learn more about Rudd by listening more closely to the record.

According to the record label the album’s first single "Repo Man" is a gentle reminder about karma; while the title track "Head Job", is actually about going to the pub to commiserate with your mates someone doing your head in. We had a closer listen to the tracks to see if we could find some clues into the man or hints to what led to the serious charges laid against him.

Head Job
It sounds like ‘hedgehog’ which could be code for ‘Lower car park 9pm. White Nissan four door’.

Sun Goes Down
A romantic song about topping someone at sunset.

Lonely Child
This is an emotional and sentimental song/threat about family and children. A follow up to his earlier track “Think of Your Wife”.

Lost in America
A blues number about the fear of living as a fugitive and not having GPS in the SUV.

Bad Move
“Don’t make a bad move” is the chorus refrain. It sounds like a direct threat accompanied by really bad blues-rock.

No Right
A song that sounds like it could have been lifted from a suburban late period INXS tribute band. “Hold me down before I do something I regret”. This track will be used as evidence in Tauranga District Court.


The Other Side
This is probably the best track on the album but that’s not saying much. Maybe about as close at you will get to a contract killing anthem.

40 Days
The number of days Phil gives you to repay a drug debt before he starts making some phone calls to the boys.

Repo Man
It seems Rudd was keen to eliminate those he owed debts too as well as those who came to collect those debts.

When I Get My Hands On You
Originally this was to be called “When I Get Someone to Get Their Hands on You” but it was changed at the last minute. Too little, too late.

Head Job is available now. Phil Rudd is appearing at Tauranga District Court later this month.