Happy Festivus! @Seinfeld2000 Wrote and Produced a Song for How to Dress Well

Move over "Hotline Bling." We've got "The Speed Dial," baby!
December 24, 2015, 10:00am

HAPPY FESTIVUS BABY!!!!! @Seinfeld2000 here. i dont know if u realize this, but my twetes take the TV show Seinfeld and just go, “hmm. okay now here is a legendery sitcom that is not any longer on the TV anymore. But lets think about this. Like.. go with me here, what if – just what if – seinfeld was still on the television today with brand new epsodes every week. What would that even be like.” does that make sense?

Well since today is Festivus i wanted to share something v speciel with u. k. I simply just wrote and produced a song for one of my favorite music artist’s working in the biz today How To Dress Well. Its called THE SPEED DIAL and its abt the epsode of Seinfeld where Jery Seinfeld new GF is like asessing and rewarding his performance in the relatienship via his positien on her speed dial.

Anyway I dont think im telling tales out of school when i say to you that THE SPEED DIAL is basicaly HOTLINE BLING PT 2. Pls watch our video now lmao: