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Stream Two Songs from Iron Chic and Low Culture's Split EP

Break open the PBR.
October 27, 2014, 2:15pm

Iron Chic and Low Culture respectively put out two of the best albums of 2013. Iron Chic, with The Constant One, laid down the melodic sing-along anthems for Fest-goers to chug PBR to. It was so good that it was personally approved by The Iron Sheik himself. And Low Culture came out of nowhere to drop a brilliantly catchy lo-fi power pop debut, as a band does when it features members of The Marked Men. Now, the two bands have combined forces on a new split seven-inch. For you vinyl-collecting nerds, they’re releasing the record on multiple colors on two different labels, Dead Broke Rekerds and Dirtcult Records. Or, if you’re headed to Fest, you can pick up some test presses there, even though you will assuredly forget them in the bathroom or on somebody’s floor.


Listen to two songs from the split below. Pre-order the record here and here.