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Stream Kayo Dot's Mindbender of an Album 'Coffins on IO'

Adventurous to say the least, and available via The Flenser

Kayo Dot is one weird-ass band. Formed in 2003 and graced by John Zorn's blessing, the Boston-area collective is about to release their seventh album and first for The Flenser, a West Coast label with an ear for strangest kinds of darkness.

The band's touting their latest explosion of prog, jazz, doom, neoclassical, and all-around out-there experimental tunes as "retro-future noir," and I'll be damned if that's not exactly what it is. A synthetic, post-apocalyptic creepiness simmers beneath the avant-garde noodling and crisp electronic percussion. Gloomy goth guitar antics sway alongside ululating synths, sax on the beach, and a exaggerated croon from sole remaining member Toby Driver, currently of Secret Chiefs 3 and previously known for his work in prog-cult favorites Maudlin of the Well. There's not much evidence of the metallic influences that first drew curious heshers under Kayo Dot's spell, but if the band is more interested in Blade Runner than Baphomet now, we can't really blame 'em. Fans of Peter Gabriel, The Sisters of Mercy, and maybe even Cold Cave, however, will be stoked.

We've got their new album, Coffins On Io, streaming right here. If you're down with the truly progressive end of progressive rock, make a note in your calendar app for October 16th, and make sure Siri reminds you to grab your copy on vinyl, CD, or digital from The Flenser.