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The 13 Most Epically Hilarious Halloween Costumes of 2014

OMFG these costumes are our everything.

Bazinga! It’s Halloween time again! Soon, everyone will be showing off their most LOLworthy amazeballs costumes, and you don’t want to look like a total basic. You want people to look at your costume and say “OMFG you are my spirit animal, your costume is my everything.” And what better way to show off the fact that you’re funny and interesting than a hilarz music-themed costume? Here are 13 music costumes that will make people Instagram you left and right. Hashtag winning!


Pharrell and His Big Hat

That is one big hat!

What you’ll need: A big hat. (Crucial step: Make sure it is bigger than a normal hat!)

How to do it: Wear the big hat.

Why it’ll be a #Hallowmeme success!: The thing about Pharrell’s hat is that it’s very big. Bigger than a normal hat. That’s what makes it funny—its size. Regular hats are not funny, but bigger than average hats are very funny. And Pharrell’s hat is the biggest hat of all the big hats. So when choosing a hat for this costume, ask yourself: Is this hat bigger than normal? If no, choose a bigger hat. Big hat = big win.

If you’re confused about the hat size, just consult this helpful graph:

Drake and His Lint Roller

MFW I'm just lint rolling my pants. #lol

What you’ll need: A Canadian accent and a lint roller.

How to do it: Lint roll your pants. So much win!

Why it’ll be a #Hallowmeme success!: During this year’s NBA playoffs, Drake was seen sitting courtside during a Toronto Raptors game vigorously lint rolling his pants. Man, Drake sure is lame! For years, you’ve probably been wondering what outfit you could dress up in that would properly communicate that you know Drake is lame. If you can convince other people that you know Drake is lame, they will then know that you are a person of discerning taste. The best way to show that you know Drake is lame is to dress up as Drake and his lint roller. This says “I know Drake likes to roll the lint, and I rebuke him for it!” It also says “I am a cool person.” Do you want to be cool? Totes!


Nicki Minaj’s Butt

Love it! / Photo via Instagram

What you’ll need: A butt and a place where a butt wouldn’t go, like the Statue of Liberty.

How to do it: Take your butt to that place and do the Nicki Minaj squat:


Why it’ll be a #Hallowmeme success!: Our anaconda don’t, our anaconda don’t, our anaconda don’t want none unless you’ve got a costume, hon! Fortunately, this is you right now:

And when people see you on the street, they’ll be like this [Borat voice]:

“Very niiiiiiice!”

Much like Pharrell’s big hat, Nicki Minaj’s big butt is so 2014.

U2 Album


What you’ll need: A copy of the U2 album. Don’t worry, it’s already in your iTunes!

How to do it: Pretend to be the U2 album NOBODY asked for.

Why it’ll be a #Hallowmeme success!: Did you guys hear about the new U2 album? Apple released it into everyone’s iTunes at once, but most people did not like that because U2 is #old. You know what people will like, though? You dressing up as the U2 album and butting your way into every conversation, just like the U2 album butted itself into your iTunes. See because nobody wanted that U2 album in their iTunes, just like nobody wants you to walk around playing it on your iPhone speakers at their Halloween party. What’s next? A toaster that plays the U2 album? A guy who walks around pretending to be the U2 album? If you wish you could send the U2 album back to iTunes, you’re not alone. When people see this costume, they’re going to want to send you back… to your place! With you! To do sex! So much for songs of innocence then.


Robin Thicke and Twerking Miley Cyrus

Turn up! / Photos via Spirit Halloween

What you’ll need: A striped suit, a foam finger, a tongue

How to do it: Twerk, stick tongue out.

Why it’ll be a #Hallowmeme success!: Remember how hilarious this costume was last year? Well, just like a fine wine, jokes—especially topical, pop culture-related ones!—only get better with age. So if you thought reenacting an iconic MTV performance of song glorifying date rape was funny the first time, just imagine how hilarious it will be this year! And guys, if you’re looking for an icebreaker with the ladies, simply throw a striped suit on and grind away on them! Women will be very attracted to you and won’t feel uncomfortable around you at all.

iPod Commercial People

Gotta love music!

What you’ll need: A colorful backdrop, an all-black body suit, and a pair of Apple earbuds.

How to do it: Turn up the jams! All of the yes!

Why it’ll be a #Hallowmeme success!: Uno… dos… tres… costumah! Hello! Hello! Can I please go… hysterical with this ultimate #tbt? Throw it on back to this classic 'stume from the early to mid 2000s, where you pretend to be in an iPod commercial. It’s totally topical this year because the iPod classic is gone for good (#RIP), which means everybody is feeling totally like this:

But if there’s one way to bring a #smile to your friends’ faces, it’s dressing up in this quirky ensemble that real 2000s kids will love!


Bound 2


What you’ll need: Ripped T-shirt, prop motorcycle handles, a bro.

How to do it: Hug your bro tight.

Why it’ll be a #Hallowmeme success!: Calling all the hilarious dudes out there! Grab your bro and re-enact Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s “Bound 2” video. Everyone will expect a male/female costume but get THIS: Kim will be played by… a dude! [Record stops “uh uh honey”] OMG I can’t even right now. For increased hilarity, have the dude playing Kim be hairy and out of shape. Insecurities with body issues are very funny. If people thought Seth Rogen and James Franco’s version was funny, just imagine the reaction that you, two men who once took an improv class, will get.

Sexy Beyoncé


What you’ll need: One of Beyoncé’s famous outfits, but make it sexier.

How to do it: Everyone always dresses up like a sexy rabbit or a sexy pirate for Halloween. Imagine that, but Beyoncé!

Why it’ll be a #Hallowmeme success!: You know Beyoncé for her amazing songs, her show-stopping voice, her incredible dance moves, and her perfect hair. So think of how funny it would be to dress up as Beyoncé… but SEXY! Everyone will say, “Wait, you’re Beyoncé, but there’s something I can’t quite put my finger on about it.” And you can say, “I’m Beyoncé, but sexy!” Funny and sexy! Don’t forget your surfbort!


All of the this.

What you’ll need: A short friend. Or, if you are short, a tall friend.


How to do it: Step one: You and a friend of differing height stand next to each other while wearing clothes you bought at the thrift shop with 20 dollars in your pocket.

Step two: Walk up in the club like “what up, I got a big costume.”

Step three: Have your friend walk up in the club like “what up, I got a small costume.”

Step four: Point to your small friend and say “I wish this guy would Mackle more.”

Step five: Your friend points at you and says “This guy with the mackling. I wish he would Mackle less.”

Step six: Raucous laughter ensues.

Why it’ll be a #Hallowmeme success!: Have you ever looked at Macklemore and said, “Boy, I wish this guy would Mackle less?” …but that’s none of my business [Kermit sips the tea].

Gangnam Style

Literal same. / Photo via Instagram

What you’ll need: Bow tie, sunglasses, blue or green tuxedo, sass!

How to do it: Oppa!

Why it’ll be a #Hallowmeme success!: Oppa to you, Halloweeners! The “Gangnam Style” video has over two BILLION views, which is about as many high fives as you’ll get when you roll up to the party in THIS get-up! Practice those dance moves and don’t forget… Oppa Gangnam Style! [Gangnam music plays]

Rebecca Black

Same. / Photo via Costumzee

What you’ll need: For it to be Friday. Don’t forget, Halloween is on a Friday this year!

How to do it: When it is Friday and your whole squad is looking fresh >>>>>>

Why it’ll be a #Hallowmeme success!: Halloween falls on a Friday this year. [In the tune of Rebecca Black’s “Friday”] “Friday… Friday… gotta get down with a great Halloween costume!” How about viral YouTube sensation, Rebecca Black and her famous, um, “singing” abilities. Too good. Literally dying.


Harlem Shake

TFW you're doing the Harlem Shake. / Image via keepcalm-o-matic

What you’ll need: Lots of people.

How to do it: Do the Harlem Shake.

Why it’ll be a #Hallowmeme success!: Group costume alert! How’s this for random: You and your friends have a normal costume when all of a sudden… [do the Harlem Shake!]

Kanye West and Taylor Swift at the VMAs

Dying. / Photo via CollegeHumor

What you’ll need: A microphone, shutter shades.

How to do it: Steal the microphone, and do the line.

Why it’ll be a #Hallowmeme success! Umm, I’mma let you finish, Ron Burgundy costume… but this is the best Halloween costume of all time!