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Lil B's Kevin Durant Diss Track Means the Thunder Aren't Winning the Championship

The Based God's Curse strikes again.

Curses are a silly, superstitious thing, and you shouldn't believe in them. But consider the evidence: In the years since Lil B started feuding with Kevin Durant, the Oklahoma City Thunder have lost in the NBA Finals, traded James Harden (who's only now the best shooting guard in the entire league) for a sack of chicken bones, failed again and again to make any real trade to improve the team, and watched Russell Westbrook take time off with numerous nagging injuries. Coincidence? Bad luck? Or the Based God's Curse? Lil B was so kind as to formally end the feud at one point, but bad magic doesn't just go away. It lingers, like a scab that'll never heal.


But a few days ago, Lil B reignited the feud for reasons known to him and Durant, who he's targeted in a new song appropriately called "Fuck KD". It features the best hook I've heard in 2014 by flipping DJ Khaled's "Brown Paper Bag", lyrics like "three point on a bitch like Dirk Nowitzki," and a showcase of Lil B's Rare Crossover. It is awesome, and unfortunately seals the Thunder's fate as inevitable playoff losers.

This is better than listening to his last mixtape, too.

Jeremy Gordon is terrified of Lil B's crossover. He's on Twitter. - @jeremypgordon