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Snoop Brings Together Mavado And Popcaan

The notorious Gaza VS Gully feud seems to have been put to bed.

Snoop's kind of flying in his new role as all round good guy, and he's taken it one step further by acting as mediator between Gaza versus Gully rivals, Mavado and Popcaan of Vybz Kartel's camp. Following their guest spots on Snoop's peace anthem "Lighters Up", the three met for a press conference ahead of the filming for the video to put on a united front.

All of this, if you're not au fait with one of the most explosive ongoing disputes in Jamaica, since the longstanding feud between Bounty Killer and Beenie Man (which incidentally was the seed of this clash anywayz), is KIND OF A BIG DEAL. Taking its name from "Gaza", the area of the Waterford housing scheme in Portmore where Vybz Kartel grew up, and "Gully" literally referring to the gully that dissects Mavado's childhood neighbourhood of Cassava Piece in St Andrew, the one time collaborators bitter feud has dominated Jamaican media since it kicked off back in 2006.

Though the notorious clashes and back-and-forth diss tracks gripped the country's music world, which sadly has also included spilling over into violence in Kingston's innercity, Vybz imprisonment back in 2011 seems to have allayed tensions.

So, now seemed like as good a time as any for Snoop to step in and mediate. And TBF, there probably isn't sager advice than to have a big fat smoke and forget about sending for your enemies, right?

Anyway, keep an eye out for the video on Noisey and listen to "Lighters Up" for the timebeing below: