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Listen to Tesla Boy's "Strong" As Well As Pioneerball's Remix of "Strong"

This is basically two songs in one blog post, which means something good. Trust us.

We're really into bands that just straight-up pretend it's the 80s these days. We've reached a point where we're comfortably past the decade of New Wave, shitty mustaches, and Reagan introducing crack to urban neighborhoods that it's no longer ironic or weird to like 80s music—it's just a type of music that exists in the world, and sometimes it's fucking dope as fuck. Tesla Boy knows this, and their new single "Strong" shows careful study of such gawds as Fine Young Cannibals, Phil Collins, and Don Henley.

Because we love you and want you to be happy, we've thrown in the Pioneerball remix to "Strong" as well, which throws the original through some sort of synth-swing filter and yields an entirely different vibe to the point where this is basically two songs. Since most of the time when we blog a song we only post one of them at a time, this blog post is immediately twice as valuable as all of our other ones. You're welcome.