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Stream the Debut Album from Radioactivity (Members of The Marked Men)

Picking right up where the Marked Men left off.

Noisey editor Eric Sundermann had a great line recently: “Sometimes there's an album that makes you want to listen to every song on it at the same time.” Taking that a step further, Radioactivity’s debut album is so good that you want to listen to every song at the same time through two different stereos at once.

Last week, we announced that The Marked Men’s Jeff Burke and Mark Ryan had been collaborating on a new project called Radioactivity and premiered their first single. Today, we’ve got the full album for you. We won’t bore you by blabbering on about how good and catchy it is, because really, you should just get to listening to it immediately. So we’ll just say that Radioactivity’s self-titled debut is guaranteed to be one of the best albums of the year. And they have a second album already in the works. Praise be to lo-fi Jesus.

The album is out on October 29 from Dirtnap Records.