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OBN IIIs Are Here to Remind You about True Rock 'N' Roll with "4KD"

The Austin band, featuring members of Bad Sports and others, returns with a new album and a ripper of a track for 12XU
July 28, 2015, 4:13pm

Orville Neeley is like a rock n roll shaman, commanding the crowd while acting like a new millennium Elvis in his live shows with OBN IIIs. The frontman, who also spends time with Bad Sports among other projects, is rolling out his latest creation with Worth A Lot of Money, the new LP due on September 14 and featuring ten new tracks for label home 12XU. Punk and the Nuggets compilation are a jumping off point, but look for shades of everything from AC/DC to Rose Tattoo on the new album which features the lead single “4KD” streamable below.

Order your copy of the LP via 12XU and pray for new live dates.