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T-Wayne and HXLT Spring to Life on Noisey Beats 1

From Chicago down to Houston, we'll be bringing the heat.

It feels like spring is in full effect, so this week's episode of Noisey on Beats 1 embraces the sunshine and jams. But before all that goodness happens, we've got a playlist of eclectic tracks to warm you up. It packs everything from the smooth rhymes of LA's Soysauce, to the ultra hype of MC Bin Laden (star of this week's episode of Noisey Sao Paulo on VICELAND), and the classic shoegaze sound of A Sunny Day In Glasgow. From there we've got the spaciness of Horse Jumper of Love, the bizarre electronics of Fatima Al Qadiri, and the uber fun punk of No Parents.


Our first guest of the show is Houston rapper T-Wayne. Last year, he blew up with "Nasty Freestyle." In this episode, he'll be taking us to his hometown of Houston to give us the rundown of what the city's rap scene is currently like, like stars such as Swishahouse and Chedda Da Connect.

From there, we'll check in with G.O.O.D. Music's newest post-punk, HXLT. He stopped by our New York office the other day to discuss what punk rock means to him, as well as his new self-titled record. We chatted with him about several songs from the record, ranging from how his Kathleen Hanna collaboration "Together" came to be, to the conception of his slow jammy "Guitar."

It's going to be a packed episode, so make sure you've got Beats 1 running right here on Saturday morning at 9 AM EST / 6 AM PST and again on Sunday night at 9 PM EST / 6 PM PST for our Noisey broadcast. Check out what we'll be bringing to you:

Soysauce feat. Lil Aaron - "Bout Time"
MC Bin Laden - "Mais Que Vergonha"
A Sunny Day in Glasgow - "Bimbo"
Horse Jumper Of Love - "Ugly Brunette"
Fatima Al Qadiri - "Battery"
No Parents - "You Got Snaked"

T-Wayne - "Nasty Freestyle"
Swishahouse & Michael Watts - "Drank in My Cup"
Chedda Da Connect - "Flicka Da Wrist"
T-Wayne feat. Waka Flocka & Bo Deal - "Be OK"

HXLT feat. Kathleen Hanna - "Together"
HXLT - "Guitar"
HXLT - "Reaper"
HXLT - "Sick"