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Everyone in the Music Industry Is on the Credits for 'T.L.O.P.', Including Kanye's Infant Child

Saint West, doesn't even know how to speak, but he's already a creative consultant on a major album release.

Photo via Kanye West's official website

The collaborative nature of Kanye West has become the stuff of legends since the infamous Hawaii retreat that gave birth to modern classic My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. So it's no surprise Ye's new release, The Life of Pablo has seen equal Herculean efforts in pretty much locking down the entire music industry for each song. And seeing as the new album won't see a physical release and consequently no album booklet, Ye has thankfully decided to put the album credits on his website.

Featuring an all-star cast, the credits include production duo DJ Dodger Stadium on several tracks including "Ultralight Beam,""Freestyle 4," and "Fade" as well as the return of G.O.O.D. music prodigal son, Kid Cudi on "Waves" amongst others like Frank Ocean, Chris Brown and Ty$. However, the credits also reveal some pretty big surprises like Drake's contribution to "30 Hours" and "Facts" and the disturbing absence of Sia's name on "Wolves." Shame on you, Kanye! But perhaps the oddest inclusion is North and Saint West as creative consultants for the album.

Now, we can give Kanye a pass for adding North to the list considering she's capable of human speech. But how in the hell did Saint, who is barely an infant give input to this album? Common sense says he probably pressed buttons and clapped at the sounds he liked but what if… What if Saint produced this whole album and has already superseded Ye as the most talented West in the building? What does this mean for the future of music and the Baby Geniuses franchise? We have questions!

Jabbari Weekes will never stop complaining about the absence of Sia on "Wolves." Follow him on Twitter