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Kanye West Played a New Track Called "Closest Thing to Einstein" Featuring Sampha Last Night

He also gave a speech about Taylor Swift, Amber Rose, and supporting Tidal.

Screenshot via YouTube

Kanye West stopped by 10AK in Los Angeles last night for Yo Gotti's album listening party and a low-key show of his own. All the usual 'Ye fanfare took place—he talked about Taylor, chatted about Amber, referenced Steve Jobs and Walt Disney ("they no longer alive!")—and perhaps more importantly, he played a brand new track. The song is called "Closest Thing to Einstein", it features Sampha, and according to the low-quality audio rip it's seven minutes long.

Even in its low-quality, there are a few things we can glean from the track. Unlike the majority of lyrics on The Life of Pablo, "Closest Thing to Einstein" sees Kanye on a more introspective tip. He references his recent outbursts on Twitter ("People tryna say I'm going too crazy on Twitter / My friend's best advice was to stay low"), his current financial situation ("At this rate we gon' both die broke / Got friends that ask for money knowin' I'm in debt"), and how no one needs to worry about his sanity ("This generation's closest thing to Einstein / So don't worry about me, I'm fine"). In a way, it's a perfect counterpart to "Real Friends". Anyone else holding out for an updated version of TLOP that sees Kanye spilling his guts on wax? Watch him play the song below and then give a speech about calling Taylor about that line ("I said Taylor I feel like me and you might still have sex. She said 'ooh.'"), butt play ("Amber ain't never stick no fingers in my ass. I don't play like that."), and Jay Z's pioneering role in rap, with the questionable claim that "y'all have Blueprint 1 but act like Tidal wack."