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PREMIERE: Desecrate Property to Loud Boyz' New Record 'Tough Love, Hard Feelings'

The kind of punk perfect for getting into trouble.

Photo by Franz Mahr

Is there a better reason to play in a punk band than to be really loud? Get your friends together, fuck up the garage, don't worry about a thing. It's the best kind of life. It's exactly the kind of thing you'd want to do from the new Loud Boyz record, Tough Love, Hard Feelings. Loud Boyz are a garage punk from Washington, DC that play the kind of punk you want to crush bars with your friends to. Songs like "World Is a Cage" feel thrashy and angry, never letting up in speed. Or "FYK" that swerves from one direction to another, like something you can grab a friend and swing them around to. Each song is relatively lean in song length, packing in as much fun and energy possible in what they work with. If you want something to skateboard to, burn your school to, anything that will get you in trouble.

Listen to the album below, and scoop up your copy of Tough Love, Hard Feelings right here.