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"Facework" by Cillie Barnes Sounds Like Magic But it's a Brutal Kiss Off

Shithead boys beware. Your days are numbered.
March 2, 2015, 5:30pm

Cillie Barnes by Ilana Shulman.

Look at this girl! Cillie Barnes looks like paradise and I want to hang out and drink margaritas and play dress up with her. Quite apart from the fact that she looks like my dream best friend, the East LA-based singer apparently enjoys Victorian houses, cheese, amphibians, murder mysteries, and she has a deep desire to go ziplining. Listen BB—that's a goal well within reach. I can help set it up if you like.


Anyway, quite apart from all that, "Facework"—premiering above—is the most wonderful thing about her. It falls around you like a cloak of magic, rich and duskily beautiful, with shades of St. Vincent in her swaddling tones. It's the kind of track you'll want to listen to five times in a row. Also it was recorded with Bright Eyes affiliates Nate Walcott and Mike Mogis who have a history of making music sound deep as the well in The Goonies.

"I wrote 'Facework' when I didn’t know what else to write, When it was the only thing I could," explains Barnes. I was in Omaha and I wrote a bunch of words to a bunch of songs on the spot. Cicadas, orange suns, long walks, late night hangs with new friends, were all woven into this tapestry, but 'Facework' specifically is about a time prior to this when I had felt betrayed. I don’t want to give too much away because I want everyone to have their own experience with the song, but it was nice to get this out. Cathartic and necessary to heal and move past. To grow and move forward. And on to the next!"

"Your face has changed / You're not the same as I remember you," she sings. And then, "How do you get through the night?" Well. How do you?

"Facework" is lifted from a collection of singles, Friendly Witch, out 4.30.

Kim Taylor Bennett is available for zipline hangs. Contact her via Twitter.