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Forget Tom Delonge. Forget Matt Skiba. This Guy Should Be in Blink-182

What's his age again?

Naturally, in the Blink-182 Wars of 2015, fans have had to choose sides. Are you #TeamSkiba or are you #TeamTom? Wait, don’t answer just yet because in about two minutes, this beautiful man is going to make both of them look like #TeamHitler. Maybe it’s his smiling, unbroken side-gaze into the camera, pop punking into your soul. Maybe it’s his ripped jeans/gigantic belt buckle combo, accentuating those Elvis-esque hip thrusts. Or maybe it’s that sweet, sweet deep V. But whatever it is, this guy has it. I think I can speak for all of America when I say: I want those other two clowns out and this guy in.