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Watch Travis Scott Take an Epic Spill Performing "Antidote" at Rihanna's 'Anti' Tour

"Anything can happen at the night show" - says Travis, instantly after almost dying.

Screengrab via YouTube

Travis Scott is known for his pretty energetic performances so it's only a matter of time before the Houston rapper would fall victim to an on-stage accident. During a particularly rowdy performance of "Antidote," Mr. Scott's enthusiastic live antic were cut short as he somehow slipped off the stage and into the caring arms of a cement floor. Instead of getting up like a normal person, Travis lets security hoist him halfway back up on stage as he lays sprawled motionless, sunbathing in humiliation. But not before imparting a little bit of wisdom to his legion of fans, "Anything can happen at the night show." A man of great foresight, you are, Mr. Scott. Watch life get real at the 3:50 mark.

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