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Watch Joanna Newsom Perform "A Pin-Light Bent" on 'Late Night with Seth Meyers'

She also gives a hilarious interview with Seth.

Last year, harpist-singer-songwriter Joanna Newsom released her newest record in five years, Divers. Last night, she appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers to play a track from the record "A Pin-Light Bent" shows Newsom at her best, completely by herself with a harp. It's an insane thing to watch in a high definition, the pure concentration and way she's able to play these really intricate parts and simultaneously deliver incredible vocals. There's a reason why she's regarded so highly as a harpist, and the video proves it exactly.


She also has an entertaining interview with Seth Meyers, where she speaks about her music and marriage to Andy Samberg. It gets pretty hilarious, she goes into talk about her annoyance with people calling her music "elf like," and in turn wanting to play an orc in the new The Hobbit movie series. It's a good insight into exactly how fun a person she is outside of her music.