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Rihanna and Mike WiLL Made-It Drop "Nothing Is Promised" To Remind Us All That Life is Finite and We Should Turn Up

Work your ass off! Flaunt your blessings! You could die at any moment!
June 3, 2016, 9:25am

It's been a pretty great 24 hours for Rihanna (not that every hour isn't a great hour for Rihanna, purely because of the fact that she gets to wake up every day and be Rihanna). First off, she's currently summering in Barbados where she continues to make headline news for falling off an inflatable swan to save her wine. Secondly, she just released this massive new track with Mike WiLL Made-It, and if you were one of those people who crapped on ANTI for not having enough bangers than this ought to shut you the hell up.

"Nothing Is Promised" was teased on Rihanna's Instagram back in 2014 during recording sessions for R8 (ANTI). Like so many things we are often promised (still waiting, Frank!!!!!!!), it never materialized, but sometimes the gods smile upon us. So, despite the fact we are wholly undeserving, here it is - the full version of "Nothing Is Promised" has been released.

The track itself is a built-for-the-club banger about working your ass off and flaunting your blessings while being cognizant that you could fall off or die at any moment. There is also a bit where Rihanna sings about waking up and hugging her money, because who needs men when you can do that.

The track will appear on Mike WiLL's forthcoming Ranson 2 and is streaming now on Apple Music. Here's a clip: