Listen to The Kills Kill It Covering Rihanna's "Desperado"

The fierce rock duo strip Rih's smash bare; the results are divine.
June 8, 2016, 5:05pm

After five long years The Kills returned last week with Ash & Ice—a fantastic reminder of what made the duo such a formidable force when they first exploded on the indie rock scene back in the early-aughts. The songs are slinky, wired, and raw. Witnessing the band live the other month was also proof of how far they've come: these days, although their energy still vibrates at a frequency the audience can tune into but never fully comprehend, Alison Mosshart's morphed into a singer who no longer hides behind her hair—she's a frontwoman whose swagger is directed outwards, commanding the crowd with a new confidence.

Today, Mosshart and her co-hort Jamie Hince stopped into Sirius Xm to promote the album and perform a live set during which they covered "Desperado" Rihanna’s latest album Anti. The Kills version put a new spin on the haunting western-tinged track. Stripped of the hi-hats and glossy pop production, with Mosshart’s husky vocals taking the center stage while Hince adds soulful soft background echoes, The Kills deliver a chilling, stark rendition.

Give it a listen above.