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North Accidentally Flushed Kanye's Phone Full of 'TLOP' Lyrics Down the Toilet

Is Kanye's daughter the reason behind the poverty bars in "Wolves?"

Have you ever found yourself listening to "Wolves" and asking yourself why Kanye would drop cringe bars like, "I know it's corny bitches you wish you could unfollow/ I know it's corny niggas you wish you could unswallow" repeatedly? Well, Kim Kardashian West has the answer. In a recent episode of another newly-cancelled Kardashian talk show, Kocktails With Khloe, Mrs. Kardashian explains that North West accidentally flushed Kanye's iPhone down a toilet. Effectively erasing a bunch of early The Life of Pablo verses that were likely better than the soliloquies about "open fridges" and "sandwiches" that made the album. Watch the video below and f^&* "Wolves". Bless up to SIA though.


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