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Listen to Chaz French's New Song "A Go!"

The DC rapper drops a loose track switching up the pace in advance of a new project this fall.

Over the past year or so, DC rapper Chaz French has proven he's a charismatic presence on the mic, a dextrous lyricist with an interesting perspective, and an artist with an ear for songcraft. His tape Happy Belated showcased these talents and introduced him as a compelling, thoughtful new artist to be paying attention to. He's looking to up the ante this fall with a new project through 368 Music Group (CCCLXVIII), and his latest track, "A Go!," is being presented as his pivot toward something new.


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"There's a lot on the horizon and a bunch of new work coming real soon," he said over email about the track. "It's no time for any excuses from me or my team. It's GO TIME! So I felt like this record went well with the current mood. Hope people feel it. Struggle what made us."

Over a minimalist but heavy-hitting beat from D.Woo, French lays into the song with a bouncy, aggressive energy. "One thing for sure," he raps: "They only love you when you on a high / they ain't fucking with lows." The sound is a clear vision of where hip-hop is right now—this will slide nicely into your party playlists alongside the Vic Mensas and GoldLinks of the worlds—and where it's going: Stripped-down, fun, aggressive, and still smart and sharp as a tack. This is basically the kind of song the aux cord was made to passed for. Check it out below:

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