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If You Haven't Heard 17-Year-Old Lauren Auder, Then You Need to Hear His New Track "Outro // Interior"

Part King Krule, part hip-hop, part drone; full length awesome.

For those who aren't already in the know, Lauren Auder is a French based, 17-year-old English musician, who has picked up the attention of London's underground in the short space of a few months. Kojey Radical guested on his last EP; Denzel Himself has given the kid props; Onoe Caponoe is a fan. It's a great start for a young artist finding their feet.

Today we're premiering the first cut from Auder's next EP, a track called "Outro // Interior." "The song is about my growing anxiety," Auder told us over email. "And my fear of death." Listen close and here such marvelous lines as "last week, a spider was on my shower wall, today there are four more," "Gorgons playing with my life line," and "I know that there are better pick up lines than talking about James Joyce's virginity." The track's perhaps the most perfect blend of Auder's sound so far; part King Krule, part hip-hop, part drone, and full-length dark awesome.