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PREMIERE: Watch DJ EFN, Gunplay, and Denzel Curry's "Lane 2 Lane" Video

The Miami trio teams up for a song that knocks so hard it's probably not street legal.

Maybe you're familiar with Gunplay, the Miami rapper who raps about cocaine and guns like he's a rocket ship powered by a hurricane. Maybe you're all "I wish I could hear Gunplay, except have it also be an awesome driving song." I feel you. What's the point of driving a car if you don't feel like you're the coolest person alive while doing it? There is none. Fortunately, Miami's DJ EFN has a solution for you in the form of his song "Lane 2 Lane," which knocks so hard that it's probably not street legal.


Gunplay raps in a hard-hitting, declarative flow that's a treat for fans more used to his breakneck delivery ("I ride Mercedes Benz / CL63 exactly / my AMGs hit the turf / the defense couldn't sack me"), while fellow Miami artist Denzel Curry quietly comes through and steals the show with his understated demeanor and lines like "I'm high as our lord and our savior hang gliding."

The video, which Noisey is premiering below, is full of grimy Miami night shots, and it's hard as hell. If you were the kind of person with TVs in your car, this would be the perfect thing to play on them—assuming the driver couldn't watch because that would definitely not be street legal.

DJ EFN's album Another Time comes out March 3 (pre-order here), with appearances from Black Milk, Scarface, David Banner, and many, many others. Check out "Lane 2 Lane" below:

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