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Tis the Season! Here's Summer Camp's New Song "I Don't Wanna Wait Til Christmas"

London duo drop their glockenspiel-assisted Crimbo video comprised of Super 8 footage of families from who knows where.

Tis the season people: Get ready. There will be lists! There will be ponderous end of year thinkpieces! There will be empty bank accounts because presents can be rather costly! But there will also be festive songs as everyone and their pug tries to contribute to the modern Crimbo canon a la Mariah's "All I Want for Christmas Is You" (yah, good luck with that one guys).

London-based marrieds, Elizabeth and Jeremy, the magical duo behind Summer Camp, are seasonally affected and brimming with sweet, sweet sentiments and candied melodies on their new song "I Don't Wanna Wait Til Christmas." It's extremely effing cute. There's a glockenspiel up in here! Missing someone really does inspire some excellent pop. (And no, this isn't a cover of the Ping Pongs song of a similar name.) Above is the premiere of their video for said song, which doesn't feature them at all, but rather focuses on flicker Super 8 and VHS spools unearthed from God knows where. (Bit of a throwback to when everyone thought SC were from Sweden thanks to their first ever cryptic vid.)

The band had this to say: "We love Christmas and we love Christmas music. From Bing Crosby to Low, there's a lot of great festive tunes out there. Christmas can be a time of high drama, like the old family argument that always seems to come up, or it can be a time when you realise all the great stuff in your life. We've made an EP with some new songs celebrating all those things, and we've put couple of our favorite Christmas covers on there too.

"We made a video for one of the songs. We've always collected vintage home movies, the same way we collect old family photos—we're creepy like that. It's the America we grew up looking at and loving from a distance, the America we realized was only part of the picture. It's bittersweet now—still beautiful, but we've realized it's something of a fantasy. So we start to wonder more and more about the reality, about what else was going on in these people's lives and the lives of those we never see.

"We also love Christmas films so we're delighted to say that we'll be playing an acoustic show at the Hackney Picturehouse in London on December 19th—our show will be followed by a screening of the Will Ferrell Christmas classic Elf!"

This latter nugget of information is totally useless for those of us who don't live in the UK, but hey, it's not too late to book a flight… which is something I have to do actually. Thanks for the reminder guys.