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A San Francisco Radio Station Has Been Playing Nelly's "Hot In Herre" On Loop For 16+ Hours

It's been the right time for a long time.

Here are the facts, as we know them: Since perhaps 3 PM yesterday, San Francisco radio station KVVF 105.7 has been playing Nelly's "Hot in Herre" on a loop. I've been listening to it for the last half hour and it's a pretty beautiful thing: "Hot in Herre" plays, followed by a second in which you think "Hot in Herre" might be done playing, followed by another "Hot in Herre". Sometimes, there is a block of ads for a minute or three. Then, "Hot in Herre" comes back.


So what's up with this? Is it an act of protest? Did the station get bought out, making this their final, endless dispatch? Is it just a severely good publicity stunt, since now East Coast herbs like me are tuning into a radio station they'd otherwise never listen to? Is time a flat circle, expanding outward to contain more and more plays of "Hot in Herre"? Is Nelly the Yellow King? I don't know, but this is so much better than SXSW.

Listen to the stream right here for as long as you can. Or, just watch the video below once or twice to get your fix. Happy Saturday! Follow allong on Twitter by searching #Nelly1057, because why wouldn't you?

(UPDATE -- From reader Matthew Keys comes an explanation: "They're stunting. Radio trade publications say they're getting ready to flip formats away from Latino-themed music to an English contemporary rhythmic format branded as 'Hot.' Hence, 'Hot in Herre.'" Here's some extra background.)

Listen to Oberhofer's recent cover of a Nelly song, and read about his excellent 2013.

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